How massive is the proposed building?

The limited plans on the OBUC web site have some scale drawings and artist's impressions of the building.

Look at these renderings with a critical eye.  They are from the perspective of someone standing 20' to 30' above the ground (6 m to 9 m above the ground).  The buildings would larger if drawn from the perspective of someone at ground level.

Continuing the theme of "Lies, damn lies and statistics", or in this case "Lies, damn lies & perspectives" the person walking into the building on the right ride of the image (below) would be 6'5" or 1.95 m tall (using the scale in front of the character). This is done to make the buildings appear smaller.


and in another case of "Lies, damn lies & perspectives" on the last page of the document linked above, the OBUC have managed to 'shrink' the existing church building so that the new building looks smaller. We added the white line so you can see how much the church has shrunk.

Here are some photos of a 4 storey project at the corner of Admirals Rd and George Rd, Victoria to give you an idea of how big a 4 storey building really is.

Admittedly the proposed Oak Bay project does not have a peaked roof behind the dormer peaks, which adds a little bit to the bulk. OBUC have elected a flat roof to maximize building height. 

From wayne 8.jpg

The OBUC are planning over 50,000 sq.ft. of buildings on approximately 40,000 sq.ft. of land (for comparison many of the adjacent homes on 6,000 - 10,000 sq.ft. lots have homes of 1,500-3,000 sq.ft.

This project would be in the order of 5 times (500%) the single family density in the area).