The development referenced on this page is the Development Proposal lodged with Districtof Oak Bay in August 2018. We expect it to change, but this page has been left discoverable to search engines as it involves much general material that isn’t specific that that DP.

Parking Problems

The area around Mitchell and Granite Streets Oak Bay has had a problem of insufficient parking for years.

Mitchell Street besides the church on a Friday

Mitchell Street besides the church on a Friday

If the OBUC development proceeds as planned, approximately 200 people will have to share 53 parking spaces. The rest will compete for parking on the street.

Brighton Street near the corner of Mitchell

Brighton Street near the corner of Mitchell

Oak Bay zoning requires 2 parking spaces per unit in a multi-residential development, 1 visitor parking space for 4 units and 1 parking space for 10 square metres of church and community space.

This means the development should have 335 parking spaces, not the 115 proposed.

Please note that 3 of the proposed parking spaces are identified as "Drop Off Stalls" so are not available for parking by residents, visitors or parishioners. 

For a full analysis of the bylaws and the calculations behind the 335 parking spaces, click here

The project must provide 3 times as many parking spaces or reduce the number of units.

Click on the above for a slide show of existing parking congestion.