Problems with the development

There are many problems with both the church's process and the rezoning application submitted to the District of Oak Bay.

This project must be rejected for the following reasons:

Further details will be provided as this web site progresses.

The land the church is located on is currently zoned P-2  (Special Institutional Use)  and the church is proposing that it be rezoned CD (Comprehensive Development) which would be a blend of P-2 and RM-4 (Four Storey Multiple Dwelling Use).  A major problem is that there isn't a CD Zone applicable to this development in the Oak Bay Bylaws.  The only CD is CD-1 (Comprehensive Development Use – Waterfront Hotel Complex), which the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

If the site is rezoned to a CD that reflects P-2 & RM-4, the proposed development WILL NOT comply in many respects. It is too big, too dense, too close to the property boundaries, the units are too small and there is insufficient parking.  

OBUC Zoning Review.jpg

For full details download OBUC Zoning Review

Example: how many parking spaces are they supposed to have for a development of this size under current P-2 & RM-4 zoning? 335. How many are they proposing? 115.

Mitchell Street besides the church on a Friday

Mitchell Street besides the church on a Friday