The Facts - as presented by the church.

The Oak Bay United Church lodged its aggressive Development Proposal with the District of Oak Bay on August 13, 2018. Some details of the proposal are now available on the church's website.

Please bear in mind these documents are a slick sales pitch, professionally prepared with taxpayer money, touting this over-development to the District of Oak Bay.  For example, the Summary Page talks about "ample underground parking".  Most of the units have to share parking spot; the plans provide only 40 parking spots for 83 one-bedroom units. There are only 50 parking spots provided for a congregation of approximately 250 parishioners, many of whom do not live in Oak Bay.

Summary page
Rezoning Application
DP Application Plans

On September 10 OBUC added two more documents
Traffic Impact Assessment
Parking Study

On September 11 OBUC added
Landscape Arborist Report
Geotechnical Report
Civil Report
Mechanical report
Electrical report

Our initial review is available on "Problems with the Overdevelopment"
Further analysis of the documents will be available when we have had a chance to fully review the documents.

There will have been many more documents submitted to the District of Oak Bay, such as archaeological assessment, shade studies, infrastructure impact assessments, etc. that have not been made available from any source.  We have made repeated requests to the District of Oak Bay but have been denied access to these documents (as at September 9, 2018).


What are the missing documents?

The District of Oak Bay has a document titled “Development Application Form”. Page 2 is headed: “What Are the Documents That May Be Required For Your Application?” and lists the following documents and includes a short description of each:

·         Amendment Rationale *
·         Appointment of Agent Form
·         Archaeological Assessment
·         Building Elevations *
·         Certificate of Title
·         Community Amenity Contribution Proposal *
·         Concept Plan
·         Design Rationale *
·         Development Data (Include on Site Plan) *
·         Economic Impact Analysis
·         Environmental Assessment
·         Geotechnical Report*
·         Heritage Conservation Plan
·         Landscape*
·         Location Plan
·         Neighbourhood Context / Streetscape*
·         Rainwater (Stormwater) Management Plan*
·         Riparian Area Assessment
·         Servicing Report*
·         Shadow Study
·         Site Plans *
·         Site Profile Form
·         Survey Plan
·         Traffic Study*
·         Tree Management Plan*
·         Variance Rationale*
·         View Analysis *

The Building & Planning Department of District of Oak Bay has refused to make ANY documents available to the public (despite being named as the source of further information on the sign at the site).  They refer the public to the church’s web site.

As noted above, the church has made available some documents. We believe these cover the requirements for the documents marked with an * above.

This leaves approximately 1/3rd documents that may have been lodged but have not been shared by the church or the District of Oak Bay.

When will we know the whole picture?


The plans lodged with the District of Oak Bay disclose it is proposed to be 60% affordable housing, 40% market rate housing & 50% too big.

This overdevelpment must be rejected by the community and the Council.

For more details see "Problems with the Overdevelopment"