South Elevation - Roof Stair Tower.JPG

What is the purpose of the Roof Stair Tower?


The Roof Stair Tower visable in the above portion of the south elevation asks the question:  what is OBUC proposing for the roof?

The Roof Stair Tower rises above the churches roof line and is approximately 10' / 3 metres above the flat roof of the 4th or top floor.

Is this for residents to access the roof? If so where are the parapets or safety railing - or would that increase the Building Height which is already too high for zoning?

What about privacy of the neighbours?  If they put up privacy screens this will increase the bulk and massiveness of an already oversized  building.

Click on the above to see the roof tower from all directions.

The Landscape and Arborist Reports note “Extensive green roof area. Prevegetated sedum mat system.”

Will residents have ready access to the roof green area?