Who are THEY?

For many months, the CCN has been asking who are the members of the OBUC’s Commission (who have almost unlimited power and discretion during the planning phase).

An FOI received Feb 1, 2019 (reference FOI BCH 30-11318) includes the following on page 34. We are aware that there are several errors in this document (for example Russ Raine isn’t an engineer, and we believe Cheryl Thomas was an instructor in the Continuing Studies program. Such programs do now contribute to a degree) but the data is presented as submitted:

Church Development Commission

Chair,                                                      Cheryl Thomas (UVic lecturer in business administration)

Vice Chair,                                             Mike McAulay (RCMP facilities management, retired)

Commission Members                        Dustin Demontigny (Engineer)

                                                                  Russ Raine (Engineer)

Advisory Panel                                       Wayne Ford (developer, Jawl Properties)

                                                                  Andrew Turner (Colliers Manager,
residential investment owner)

                                                                  Chris Causton (former Mayor, Oak Bay)

                                                                  Jack Basey (former City of Victoria Solicitor)

 Development Team

Development manager                       Chris Corps, Pivotal IRM

Architect                                                Rod Windjack, HDR|CEI Architects

Landscape Architect                            Murdoch De Greeff

Civil Engineer                                       Westbrook Consulting

Structural Engineer                             RJC Engineers

Mechanical Engineer                          Avalon Mechanical

Electrical Engineer                              AES Engineering

Geotechnical                                         Ryzuk Geotechnical

Arborist                                                  Gye & Associates

Communications                                  big think inc.

Project Management oversight       Glenco Consultants