Oak Bay supplies the questions asked of the OBUC Development Team on January 2019.

The Planning Department of the District of Oak Bay sent the attached letter to the OBUC Development Team on January 2, 2019.

It can be found in full here

As far as we know the OBUC DT never responded in writing to the questions raised before they were relieved of their commission. The new development team will have to address these issues.

This letter raised many of the concerns the CCN has been expressing over the past 2 years:

·        Significant variances from the Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw

·        Density far above that of the surrounding area. 

·        Building scale and massing too large for the site and area. The Church building is overwhelmed. 

·        Project design not reflective of the church or neighbourhood.

·        Protected tree loss and harm to others, tree canopy insufficient.

·        Energy provisions in the Building Code not met. 

·        Area infrastructure (water, sewer and roads) inadequate to accommodate project 

·        Insufficient attention to Church and Threshold House heritage value.

·        Need to consider retaining Threshold House for its heritage look, use as a buffer, and alternative form of affordable housing. 

·        Significant parking deficiencies.

·        Community amenity contribution not adequately detailed.

As noted above, It can be found in full here.

Postscript: Different members of the CCN have been going into Municipal Hall on a regular basis since January, asking if they could have more information in respect to this application and the questions returned to the developers. On every single occasion, District staff have stonewalled the requests for an update.
How difficult would it have been to have shared this letter that went to the OBUC-Development Team?
Why is the District of Oak Bay so secretive about its processes?