The Development Team of the Oak Bay United Church is proposing a large mixed-use building at the corner of Granite and Mitchell Streets.

The plans lodged with the District of Oak Bay disclose it to be 60% affordable housing, 40% market rate housing. For the neighbourhood, it is 50% too big.

The developers propose to rewrite Oak Bay zoning rules.

The need for affordable housing is inarguable. Development and change are inevitable.
But the plan put forward by OBUC is unacceptable.

South Elevation - 3.JPG

The Oak Bay United Church lodged its Development Proposal with the District of Oak Bay on August 13, 2018.

Some, but not all, of the proposal is now available on the church's website.  See "The Facts as presented by the church" for links to these documents

These documents are a slick sales pitch, professionally prepared with taxpayer money, touting the development to the District of Oak Bay and others.  For example, the Summary Page talks about "ample underground parking".  Most of the units have to share one parking spot; the plans provide only 40 parking spots for 83 one-bedroom units. There are only 50 parking spots provided for a congregation of approximately 250 parishioners, many of whom do not live in Oak Bay.

See Problems with the Overdevelopment for more details. 

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